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My Choreography

  1. Amron Crime
  2. Aimee's Light
  3. Nothin but the wheel
  4. Shotgun
  5. St Patrick's Stomp
  6. A Woman Like You (with Heather Bechaz)
  7. Darlin (with Heather Bechaz)
  8. Kick it Up (with Heather Bechaz)
  9. Nothin but the wheel
  10. Run Run Rudolph
  11. My Life Again
  12. Turn on the Radio
  13. My Key in the lock
  14. Be your man
  15. Alcohol on it (with Sue Fisher)
  16. My Sister Jen
  17. Lonely Lady
  18. How Long have you known May 30 2012
  19. Gave my heart a home (with Sue Fisher) July 8, 2012
  20. Ridin the Rodeo (with Sue Fisher) July 8, 2012
  21. Shame Shame on me October 2012
  22. I have been blessed - March 2013
  23. Let's have a party - July 2013 (with Sue Fisher)
  24. It's my party - August 2014
  25. Head over boots 2016

Dance sheets available on Copperknob or email me:


Email Rhonda:

[email protected]                                                     or                                             [email protected]